Coordination and Rumba Walk

It has been around 8 weeks since Yuanyuan started dancing International Latin. We are happy to see continuous improvement. This time we added arm coordination with the body movement.

Leading Tip for Men

LeadingTipPictureWhen dancing with a woman, you need to realize that you have your own engine of movement and she has hers. You move your weight and she moves hers. You don’t move her. You indicate which direction she needs to move herself by operating your own engine. However, in order to be able to do that, you need to understand how her engine is supposed to work. In other words, you need to know how a perfect engine should operate in terms of transfer of weight and coordination. Where is she on the foot exactly and how is her body counteracting various body parts? (I didn’t say which foot she is on. You should already know that). Then, you have to realize that unless you are dancing with a world champion, your partner will have a faulty engine. Some will have better engines than others and women with different engines have to be lead differently. It all depends on the quality of their movement and weight transfer. If you understand that, then only then, you will be able to lead properly.

Salsa Class at Notre Dame

On Thursday, August 11 2016, Mario taught a one-time class for Chinese students at Notre Dame. It was a fantastic group of students eager to learn. Here are some photos and short video from the event.

SalsaClassNotreDame4 SalsaClassNotreDame3 SalsaClassNotreDame2 SalsaClassNotreDame1 SalsaClassNotreDame0

New York Competition

In early August, we participated in Empire DanceSport Championships in New York. It was a great experience to dance and watch the best dancers in the world compete. Being there definitely motivated us to strive for excellence.

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Samba Whisk

Whisk is one of the bronze figures of International Samba. It is an extremely hard step to master but when coordinated properly, it looks very good. Samba is a complicated dance because it requires various different movements of different body parts. Unless, you feel comfortable with rumba, samba is pretty much impossible. This is our attempt.